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The 3rd French edition of EESD Conferences

For a fair, united, responsible world because a change of society and culture necessarily goes along with education.


Awareness, information, training, education and cooperation are recognized as driving forces for sustainable development. More than a leverage means, education must be set as a priority in order to be fully represented in the resolution of ecological, economic and social issues.

For everyone to progress on this society matters the Environmental Education towards Sustainable Development should grow everywhere and include all of us. This is precisely what the EESD agents who organize the 3rd French edition of EESD Conferences are aiming at. The 3rd French edition of EESD Conferences will take place in Lyon from the 5 to 7 of March 2013 after a first territorial stage starting in 2012.

  • 1st stage in 2012 : territorial Conferences going on all over France. Each territory, whatever its scale, can organize EESD Conferences in order to improve matters locally but also take part in the global approach of the project.
  • 2nd stage in 2013 : from the 5 to 7 of March, national gathering in Lyon. Three days to define a national strategy of EESD rooted in the reality of agents whatever their territory may be.
  • On Monday, March 4th : a day dedicated to European Education to Sustainable Development will launch the 3rd French edition of EESD Conferences.

In a dynamic and participative way the 3rd French edition of EESD Conferences will make a point of showing that each one of us can bring forward action and change. They will, as well, place at the heart of the debate the educational question for a greater well-being tomorrow.

Open the horizon !

This title was chosen by the EESD agents in order to take a stand on the open-mindedness of the 3rd French edition of EESD Conferences.

Open-mindedness to others, to those who come from different horizons, because a constructive and collective vision of the future will take us towards new horizons.

The 3rd French edition of EESD Conferences are times for exchange, valuation and construction of concrete collective solutions so that EESD grows both on territorial and national levels. Once again, it is now time to gather all the actors of society to think about these questions, and to give ourselves some keys to act: non-profit organizations, local authorities, private sector, State departments (local, regional or national)

This event aims at elaborating a strategic project of actions in favor of EESD where local and national goals are intimately connected. The goal is to build a real partnership between the State, the local authorities, the civil society and the companies so that, thanks to the diversity of the agents’ skills, sustainable development can come true.

Built on a co-learning spirit, the planning of these three days will take from all the territorial Conferences but also from contributions on the collaborative website, from the participation in the working groups (artistic and cultural animation, contents and global approach, eco-event, logistics), and from several initiatives and suggestions.

Workshops, round tables, debates, conferences and friendly occasions will give rhythm to the 3rd French edition of EESD Conferences.

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